Standard Tuition Fees 2016

Blue Ribbon Training Services Pty Ltd - Price List Victoria in 2016

Standard Tuition Fees 2016

Standard Tuition Fees 2016_1.docx (16.72KB)

"The Student Tuition Fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment".

The table above includes:
1. Standard Tuition Fees 2016:
For eligible individuals under the Victorian Training Guarantee shown as Non Concession VTG Price

2. Concession VTG Price 2016:
eligible individuals under the Victorian Training Guarantee who hold concessions as listed below the table in detail

3. The table above also shows:
RPL Price - Fee for Service 2016 which is Recognition of Prior Learning price (the per unit amount is shown in brackets)

4. The table above also shows:
Fee for service prices
For those individuals who are ineligible under the Victorian Training Guarantee)  

Concession Fees:

Concessions apply for specific card holders which the RTO will need to obtain a copy of for our file.
The RTO must charge a concession fee to an individual who, prior to commencement of training, holds a current and valid:

   1.   Health Care Card issued by the Commonwealth;
   2.  Pensioner Concession Card: or
   3.  Veterans Gold Card: or
   4.  An alternative card or concession eligibility criterion approved by the Minister for the purposes of compliance with the VTG program
   5. The concessions  provided for in sections a - d listed here also applies to a dependant  spouse or dependant child of a card holder
   6. Under  the indigenous completions initiative the RTO must charge the concession fee   to individuals who self identify as being of aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent

The current concession rate that is applicable in certain circumstances is 20% of the standard Tuition Fee charged.  (Concessions apply to the Standard Tuition fee rate this means an 80% discount on the standard tuition fee is applied.
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